SHOCKING Cost of the 2024 Polaris Ranger XD 1500!

OK. But is it able to be used to replace your vehicle? Of course, the Ranger isn't road-legal. This is a strictly replacement for a work truck.

In the current market for trucks and if you are able to locate the truck you wish to purchase, you'll be paying a king's bounty for it.

Trucks are becoming expensive. Who would want to take the $45k Ford F-150 on the ranch or farm to be smashed up to death?

That's only the cheapest version. The Ranger XD 1500 starts at $29,999 and can perform the majority of the tasks you'd expect from a standard farm truck

The Ranger was designed to blast trails that were tight and mud holes and scrape fence posts and more.

This small truck was simple to get in and out of. Full-size farm trucks can be frustrating to crawl into and out of repeatedly.

Polaris also chose to maintain the suicide doors in place after customers liked them for gaining access and getting out numerous times