INSANE Secrets of the Polaris Ranger XD 1500! You WON'T Believe

Polaris has truly gone the extra mile with its latest Ranger offering. Once again, the XD 1500 isn't just larger

it boasts a robust 1,500CC three-cylinder engine, churning out a formidable 110 hp and 105 lb.-ft of torque

One of the persistent gripes with some other Polaris models has been their jerky CVTs

especially when navigating tricky terrain at a snail's pace. Fear not, for this issue has been expertly addressed in the sturdy new Ranger.

Polaris has also equipped all four wheels with enhanced disc brakes to enhance braking performance when hauling substantial loads.

I had the pleasure of putting the Ranger XD 1500 through its paces at the Three Forks Ranch, nestled on the Wyoming-Colorado border.

Our adventure covered approximately 60 miles, offering just a glimpse of the sprawling 230,000-acre property.